Writing, a life long journey of learning

I played at writing as a child. In college I trained to be a journalist. I did that for a few years while the occupation moved and changed around me. I moved on to other careers, until I went back to writing as a freelance copywriter. Finally, when I determined it was time to retire, I knew life without specific purpose was not a good plan for me. I’d filled my free time during the prior ten years writing fiction, finishing a few projects, never happy with them, and starting new ones. I went back and read some of those early ones and found that my “practicing” had led to better writing. During that time I attended webinars, got how-to books, did online courses, and finally took the plunge to write a novel. That has led to two published novels and one in the process of development.

I’ve hijacked the website that for years was a personal blog and turned it into a new blog site and an author’s site. I am not sure what this site will become, but I’ll share what the Lord is showing me and what I’m writing,

So, welcome to the site.

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