When we resign ourselves to the life we have…


1. To submit

(oneself) passively; accept as inevitable: I resigned myself to a long wait in line.

2. To give up (a position, for example), especially by formal notification.

3. To relinquish (a privilege, right, or claim). See Synonyms at relinquish.



The third definition appeals to me. Sometimes I think of my life as a mass of choices I have been able to make to make life better, more refined, richer – you name it, the biggest and best.

To choose #3, I disqualify #1, and accept #2 when I publicly announce my commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Sometimes, though, the thought of resigning myself to the life I have is not necessarily a good thing. Especially as I grow older and find almost daily something new I am no longer able to accomplish due to age and it’s ravages.

And then God reminds me of all the privileges that come with freely relinquishing those plans for the biggest and best, taking the focus off of me, and letting Him do the building. Sometimes for a stronger building there needs to be reconstruction, some demolishing, some clearing out. Then the beauty of new construction begins to unfold as He carefully prepares us, shapes us, loving us through it all.

And then the negative part of resigning ceases to exist. Yes, life can be hard. Yes, life can be downright painful. Yes, sometimes it seems we are surrounded by chaos and madness. Through it all, God’s presence comforts, supports, and give pleasure in knowing that even in those painful times there is purpose. If, and sometimes that is a mighty big IF, we can get focused on Him and not ourselves and our situations. Not denying life and it’s issues, not closing our eyes to them, but pressing on in His strength, with wisdom He has given us, and continuing one step at a time until we are finally home.

There are more moments than we sometimes want to admit when amazing beauty lies right in front of us. In the kindness of people. In nature. In words of affirmation. In truth learned from studying God’s Word. In the smile of a child. In the nudge of a pet seeking attention. In the greenest of greens and the bluest of blues.

So yes, on this day, when the knees are not happy with me, I can resign myself to the fact that I am getting older. But I can rejoice that after weeks of issues with the back, things are improving. That I’ve slept for three full nights in my bed without pain. That I can sit at the desk and watch Spring coming alive, even though the temperature has taken a dive the last couple of days.

Resigned to this life? Yes! Thinking I was doing a fine job of running my life was not only arrogant, but ignorant of what was possible. I have submitted to the great I Am, relinquished all rights and control of the running of my life, and now, after 42 years of walking in His guidance, I am even more thrilled to know I am blessed, and the best is yet to come.