A day to be thankful…

What I am thankful for on this April day:

The day I covered a Dallas Holm Spring concert, felt the pull of God but refused to go forward at the invitation – I was working after all. I wrote a piece about the concert and the message he shared and many people stopped to tell me how it impacted them. I appreciated that. I believed in God. But I didn’t believe God. I knew who Jesus was but I didn’t know Jesus. But that power of that pull never left me, and one May morning the reality of what I was tossing aside hit me, and I humbled myself, sought forgiveness, and received the best gift anyone could ever receive. After 42 years I am still humbled, and so, so thankful.

I am thankful that I have had a full week of sleep in my bed. Whole nights, no moving to the chair. I have a good mattress, but in the last two months I have lasted about four hours and that was it. I’d tried different ‘solutions’ but nothing seemed to help, and one night, my prayer was as near to a plea as I’d gotten, “Lord, I just want to be able to sleep. Help! What do I do?” And, odd as it may seem to some, I immediately looked at my bed pillows, arranged them differently, and went to bed. Not only could I sleep on my side, but also on my back without pain. Yes, I am thankful!

I am thankful that I don’t have to know the future, and can trust the One who does. I am thankful for family and friends. Thankful for a place to live. Thankful for millions of little things that make up an ordinary day’s necessities, and the things I have that were pure wants and not needs. So, on this Sunday morning, getting up late after still catching up on sleep, I find myself with watery eyes from too long at the computer yesterday, but thankful for the words that are flowing again.

In my thankfulness, my prayers are with you. For the pain that you are enduring, both physical and emotional. For grieving hearts and anxiousness that rises because of the world condition. God has offered to carry it for you. Let Him! There is a mighty difference between believing in God and believing God. In knowing who God is and really knowing Him.

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