The Matter of Prayer

For a long time Thursday was designated my Day of Prayer. I invited people to send me prayer requests, I went beyond the usual time of prayer to do interecessory prayer for the requests I’d received through the week. On my calendar it was marked as God Day, because besides prayer I did more extensive personal study.

Today is the National Day of Prayer here in America. The 2021 National Day of Prayer theme prays: ”LORD pour out Your LOVE, LIFE, and LIBERTY.” Once again praying and proclaiming a promise of God in the theme verse, 2 Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

When I worked with youth it was a great way to draw them to unity in prayer. I know several people who go to the local Day of Prayer in the community center, or do the gatherings around the flag poles. Covid has hindered the flag pole events to some extent, but it is encouraging to see the other ways people join to pray in unity.

Perhaps if we could put the same significance on prayer that takes place for the National Day of Prayer then we would see dramatic changes happening. The time, the effort in promotion the National Day of Prayer, is well worth it, even if only one person comes away with a renewed sense of the power of prayer.

Prayer is not reciting our want list. It is a very personal time of communication with our God. Of confessing where we’ve gone wrong. Of asking for forgiveness. For seeking direction. For asking God to meet the variety of needs of others. For seeking peace. For renewing our faith. For being transparent to God, and to ourselves. We are so good at deceiving ourselves, hiding behind the veils we surround ourselves with.

Oh, I’m speaking to myself today, too. My prayer has not ceased, I still pray for everything I am asked to pray for, I still pray for family and friends and even people I don’t know well at all.

But, I confess, I am not the person of prayer I used to be. Was it the many challenges of 2020 and the beginning of 2021? Was it a result of taking on too many things in my own power and not leaning totally on Jesus?

I think more than anything, I got busy with ‘my stuff’ without putting it before the Lord. After all, haven’t I walked with the Lord for over 40 years? Haven’t I worked in just about every ministry there is in a church? Haven’t I been trained some in Spiritual Formation, and Biblical Counseling? Haven’t I proven I can handle whatever comes my way…ouch.

And then one day the Lord told me to stop ‘my stuff’ and pray. And pray some more. Get into His Holy Word. Listen to teachings that were Bible and not opinions. Told me to use what I loved to do for Him.

So the fiction I was writing was turned into books with God interwined. Not enough, but a beginning. And I got back to doing this blog, which is as helpful to me as anyone who reads it. Probably more so.

So, today my Day of Prayer restarts. If you would like to send a prayer request, please keep it as precise as possible, only first names, and if you’d like a responding prayer you can request one. Your request will remain private, unless you request it be shared with others for prayer. Out of necessity, I do have to add that any abusive material will result in email addresses being blocked.

All that said, let me pray for you! Email me at

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