Storms . . .

Today, you’re getting more of a rambling, personal journal.

It is almost six in the morning. My weather alert went off at about two thirty this morning. I got another hour of sleep in and then I gave up and started my day. We have weather headed this way, and my fascination with weather still lives.

So, unless it happens later today, I won’t be sharing the latest things I’ve learned from the book of John. The brain is not yet functioning in that direction. But I am not done, believe me.

Tomorrow and Saturday I’ll be doing an online conference on Biblical Counseling. I started these courses last summer, but got too involved with writing a novel that I didn’t get as far into it as I planned. I am grateful it was a work at your own pace study. It’s only the first tier, which is a focus on discipleship. I’m hoping by returning to those studies, and picking up new information from the conference, I can improve my writing to share the gospel message in whatever I write.

Of course, I am writing another novel this summer, but am determined to not push it just to get done, and to enjoy the other things of life God has given me. My thoughts are that after this novel is finished, I will begin work on an inspirational book. So far, just thoughts, but a possibility.

Well, the thunder is beginning and my brave kitty has disappeared. Sometimes weather has no impact on him and at other times he prefers to seek out one of his many hiding places.

My hope for you today that if you are experiencing storms of any sort, you can hang on to the knowledge that God speaks to the storms on our behalf.

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