Too much – Never enough

I was reading in the Book of John this morning and it occurred to me that I have been in this section for weeks. It is as if new truths are popping up in the familiar words and I hear myself saying, “Lord, it’s too much.” And then I realize, no, it’s never enough. It’s like your favorite food, you want more, and more, and more until you have to stop and let settle what you’ve taken in.

I can remember many years ago being puzzled at how authors could spend so much time writing about one book, one chapter, or even a few verses. I don’t wonder about that anymore. As I started out in John, thinking I could write a series of blogs, I realized I could be at it for a very long time.

However, I don’t want the blog to turn into a series of chapters of a book, so a dedicated study will have to happen somewhere else. Perhaps that devotional will be written after all. The novel I’m working on should be completed in October, and maybe I’ll be able to focus on the devotional then.

Today I’m looking out the window as the folks who take care of our grounds are cleaning out flower beds, trimming up bushes, making the place neater. The rain has finally stopped here, and the sun is shining. Which means, the heat will be returning. I understand them being out there early to work.

A I sit here, I’m also thinking about a conversation I had with a neighbor the other day. He pastors a church in the south end of this city, and last year that area had a flood that all but destroyed several houses. What wasn’t destroyed was unlivable for a long time. He told me he got in his truck and drove down to the church after the flood occurred. A house on one side of the church had been flooded, and the water had stopped about five feet from the church, leaving it dry.

It was a terrible event. People were left homeless and many people helped with the cleanup of the worst hit neighborhood. But there still remains people dealing with hard times, and my friend’s church has a major focus on outreach. They provide food and clothing and cleaning supplies as they can collect it, and as he and I talked, the Lord reminded me of the shelves of canned goods I’d gathered at the beginning of COVID isolation. The just in case purchasing that so many did when the news was full of shortages and possible future shortages.

So I told him I’d like to donate some things, and after talking it is arranged for him to pick it up and get it to the church for distribution. I told him I was embarrassed I’d gotten so much. It is just me, and even though the food is still good, it would take years for me to eat it, and I rarely cook any more.

It pleases me that I can help, even if it is just with canned vegetables. It pleased me even more to see the joy in my friend’s face in knowing that there will be even more his people can distribute.

Sometimes we tend to think we can’t do anything because of limitations in our lives. But God is willing to use whatever you have, a kind word, a smile, or even canned vegetables, to make the life of another person a little brighter while providing the opportunity to see Him at work through us.

And that’s what it is all about, showing the world that there is something more than selfishness, cruelty, lies, unlawfulness, lack of trust, and hate. Showing the truth of the words in the Bible in our actions: That Light casts out the darkness.

We can be the light in someone’s life, and they don’t have to know it is our actions that accomplish that. There is real joy in that as well.

Like food, or studies, or even life, it might seem like too much. But believe me, it is never enough as we seek, and share God.

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