I know, I don’t usually post on Fridays, but I told you this blog would resume in October.

Welcome to October!

The window I look out of when sitting at my desk has the very beginning of color change. No bright colors yet, I’d say more of a burnt umber to get a little brighter as more change happens.

I love the Fall. Cooler weather. Beautiful colors.

I got the third novel finished, it is now published and I enjoyed the pause from writing. I met some new neighbors and visited with some that have been neighbors for a while. I joined an online Bible study (still going strong for two more weeks) and I’ve read, and listened to audio books, and played with the cat.

I had planned a book signing, but decided to wait on that. I’m not sure what will happen with the fiction writing. I am comfortable with the fact that it will most likely be a retirement hobby, not something to make money. If that happens, I will be fine with it, but I am not going to spend hours and funds on promoting. It has become my entertainment, my mental exercising.

I will get back to the normal blogging schedule. Worship on Sundays, blog posts on Thursdays.

Take care, and I’ll be connecting with you again next week! Blessings!!