Schedule changes


Here in northwest Missouri, it is raining. Again. Not going to complain, and at least it isn’t a continuous downpour creating flash floods. Not here, anyway.

I’ve spent an interesting two weeks experiencing my aging body in a way I didn’t particularly want to go through. My month of lower back pain diminished, and the hip decided it was its turn to be ridiculous. Whether I pulled a tendon or the hip was out of place somehow, I don’t know. I’m just thanking God that today I can walk when there were days last week that were a struggle. Good timing, because today I am visiting the doctor and maybe she can tell me what happened.

Even during that patience trying time, the Lord has given me fruitful periods of study and prayer. I’ve decided to take a break from the frantic fiction writing schedule and put more time into inspirational writing. I enjoy writing fiction, and it won’t stop. It is just taking a much slower, more relaxed pace.

What I am going to do is change the blog schedule a bit. The Sunday worship will continue, and Thursday will continue to be a communication blog, a reflection of thoughts, of things the Lord has taught me. Sometimes long, sometimes not. On Tuesdays, I will begin a continuing study on a book, or chapter, in the Bible. I confess I’ve not decided where to start because I have two working on my heart, so it may end up being both, and the decision will be which one comes first.

It always fascinates me how God moves so clearly in our hearts to give us direction amid trying times. Perhaps because we naturally focus more on Him? Maybe we admit just how much we need Him? A father’s touch to show his love. I am suddenly reminded that when I got sick as a child or when any of us kids got sick, my dad would go to the store and bring home HiC, an orange-flavored drink rarely purchased. Not orange juice, not soda. HiC because that was a favorite. A little thing, maybe, but a gesture of a father trying to make a difficult time more pleasant.

It is a powerful thing to know that the creator of everything is Father. It is endearing to know that there are men out there that demonstrate that same care. Maybe not enough men, but that’s where we can focus some of our prayers toward the men we know.

Be blessed, my friends!