Another below-freezing day here in northwest Missouri, and so I’d say Fall is truly here. The trees outside my window are finally changing colors. Yep, the cold season is here. Except, the weekend forecast predicts highs in the sixties, so…

The cat is behind me somewhere making his protesting sounds as if he is wanting sympathy because he is starving to death. As food sits in his dish. However, at about 9 am CDT, he gets wet food as well, and these poor-me noises, and actions, can start any time after 7:30 am. Especially if I sit down at the computer before he is ready for me to settle here and forget him. Today will be interesting. He’s getting something new.

If it goes too long, he’ll jump up on the desk and try sitting on the keyboard, or climb up on my shoulder. He is persistent.

Sometimes I think I could learn more about persistence from the cat. That topic obviously is still roaming around in my thoughts as I’m heading into some changes of my own. So far the recent doctor visit had reported results of tests that weren’t great, but not dangerous if changes are made. That’s where persistence comes in. I know how to make the changes. But the first step is always the hardest. In an odd way, it reminds me of the salvation experience.

I knew God. I believed in Him. I even tried to live a life pleasing to Him. BUT, until I was 22-years old, I’d never made that commitment, that recognition of the Lordship of Jesus in my life. Never asked Him to forgive me of sin. Never took that first step away from believing in Him, to believe Him.

The same with health. I knew what was good, believed in the processes. But taking that first step, that commitment, to change my whole life for the better, well that is a challenge. I had a pneumonia shot last week, the first time ever, and I’m back on two meds I used to take, and so I’ve told myself that my slow, non-committal movment this week is a reaction to new things in my system.

Ha! There have been obvious results of medication. Good results, so that excuse doesn’t cut it. It comes down to choices, always has, always will. And then persistence to follow through on the choices I’ve made. In all areas of life.

So, last night I told myself playtime was over, to get up today, get dressed, get to work, do the things I know to do, and watch the change take place around me. Not immediate, but with a persistence fueled by my taking those steps.

Life is the same for all of us. My prayer for you today is that your choices are God-led, and you trust Him to walk through them with you.

Oh, and since I mention the cat now and again, meet Squirt, more often just called Cat.

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