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Same site, new domain added

In order to keep some of the flexibility, I’ve downgraded site options instead of going for the free mode. That way I can still save money, but keep enough options to have some creativity. The process got me a free domain for a year – my domain from several years ago was again available, so if I do it right, the old domain and the new domain will both bring visitors to this site.

And, just because I’m in a praising mood, here’s some Casting Crowns

Changes – again

Have you ever had a dream and woke up knowing you’d been in a conversation with God? Praying as we sleep, what a wonderful option the Lord gives us.

As a result of some clarity received, I’m going to keep this website since it has more flexibility in future plans.

Be blessed!


On July 14, 2021 this website will become a non-premium website, meaning will end and the domain will revert to All blogs currently featured will still be available. The look of the site might have to change, but that will be determined later.

A separate site is being designed as an author’s site, so the tab for fiction books has been removed.